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hey friend,

I’m so glad you’re here! wherever you are on your wellness journey, I promise to meet you just where you are. when I got started with young living, I was just looking for any easy button for ditching toxic products in our home + being more intentional with the ingredients in our products. I had read several articles + a few documentaries, and just felt this tug in more heart to do better for our family. 

what I didn’t realize then, was all the things I was missing out on.. natural ways I could not only clean our home, but support our sleep, emotions, hormones, a healthy body, skin, hair.. and a community of like-minded humans to connect & share life with. 

it's not an all or nothing lifestyle. it's just one step at a time towards a more intentional, nontoxic home.

we’re in this together + I’m here to help every step of the way!

welcome to the oily moon essentials blog!

your place for inspiration, tips, & education for all things wellness & intentional living, essential oils, plant based diys & recipes, and so much more!

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my story

I like to think of my story with young living as a wellness lifestyle – simply because it’s not just a passing phase I’m going thru.. but a shift in the way I live my every day life.

what started as a way to ditch toxins + bring safer, nontoxic products into our home has turned into a love + passion for wellness and being empowered in our home with oils + products that support us in so many ways!

we have tools to help us through the hard days when life feels overwhelming. oils to help quiet our minds before bed. diffusers that make our home smell cozy + magical, with so many added benefits for our minds & bodies. nontoxic, plant-based cleaners that actually work. supplements that we take daily to pro-actively support our bodies + health.

small steps that have truly changed our life + home.

meet brooklyn

my personal journey to live more intentionally has flourished into a the oily moon community – a community of women, mamas, friends, dreamers, wellness seekers, and so much more all looking to take small steps towards a healthier home.

lover of all things outdoors, farmhouse, and of course – essential oils! married to my high school sweetheart, sean, and fur mama to ralph + allie. iowa born & raised. owner, designer, + creator behind the oily moon shop where you’ll find handmade oily crewnecks, tees, + oily accessories.

so thankful you're here!