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My name is Brooklyn (friends call me Brooke, Brookie, or just B) and I’m the dreamer behind everything you’ll find on this little corner of the internet. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a heart for all things wellness & intentional living. 

]Home is my very favorite place to be – we live on a small acreage just outside of town in a 1930’s farmhouse (squeaky floors and all). I was born & raised here in Iowa, and am married to my highschool sweetheart, Sean. He’s the best person I know & you can catch a lot of our shenanigans together on my instagram.

You’ll find me many mornings sipping my homemade maple syrup latte in the sunroom with our kitties & my kindle in hand.

my story

It all started because of a post I had read on the toxins in candles – I was a hugeee candle lover and literally couldn’t image that my beloved candles could be wreaking havoc on our bodies, hormones, & overall health. I decided to dive head first into researching more, and quickly learned that a large majority of the products we were using in our home (from candles to body wash, household cleaner to laundry detergent & dryer sheets) were all full of toxic ingredients and chemicals. At this point in our marriage, we were wanting to start trying for a baby (more on that another day, infertility really sucks) and I wanted to make the best choices I could to support us & make our home a safe haven for out future kiddos too.

After tons of research & trial and error with other products, I found Young Living! They became my easy button for safe, all natural products that WORKED, and were all essential oil infused – which adds so many other benefits to our home & health too! 


No more researching ingredients endlessly or wondering if there was hidden fragrance in the products I was buying. From the purest essential oils to supplements our body can actual digest & use, to natural cleaning products that work and beauty essentials we can’t live without.. Young Living has become our easy button for so many things in our home & a huge part of our wellness journey.


Step by step, we ditched our toxic products for safe alternatives & have learned so much about our health in the process! It’s been one of the most empowering experiences & now I’m here to help you rethink your everyday essentials & live a more intentional life.

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Snag some of my favs & products we can’t live without! Ditch the toxic candles, get better sleep, glowing skin, support your immune system.. you’re entering your wellness girl era!

By ordering through my link, I do make a commission on your order (you don’t pay any extra) but you’ll also get plugged into my email newsletter full of tips & additional resources if that’s your jam!

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As I fell in love with my products from Young Living, I naturally began sharing how I was using them & why I loved them with my friends & family. I wanted to help my mom ditch her toxic laundry soap & dryer sheets and switch to Thieves. I knew my sister would love the cozy oils I was diffusing & they would be so much better for her than the candles we both always used. My cousin needed a deep relief roller for back pain. The list went on and on..


The coolest part about Young Living, is everyone get’s their own referral link after they make their first purchase – you can send this out to anyone interested in ordering & earn a commission when they do! You can share casually, while earning a paycheck & getting your products paid for, or get more serious and build a business that can create a sustainable income for your family while working from your phone.