meet brooklyn

Hey friend, I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Brooklyn, and I’m a wellness & oily obsessed dreamer doing the best I can to live intentionally & fill our home with lots of love + wellness. ⁣⁣⁣Born & raised, and lover all things outdoors, coffee, spicy romance novels, and of course – essential oils!

I am so thankful that you’re here & love this community so much! together, we will learn and grow together – one step at a time. I am so passionate about these beautiful tools.. they have literally changed our life forever! 

My heart belongs to the dreamers  – the ones who lay in bed at night dreaming of a brighter future for themselves & their family. let’s chase our dreams together!

the oily moon shop

in the oily moon shop, you’ll find all sorts of cozy home goods – from crewnecks to tees, accessories to stickers, and all sorts of kitchenware & home decor – from my home to yours! 

when you buy from the oily moon shop – you’re supporting not only our family, but my dream. every purchase means the world to me and I can’t say thank you enough!

my story

I’ve used essential oils for years, but my heart felt pulled to learn more about Young Living. For literally months I did research, read posts, & listened to other women’s stories about these oils changing their life. To say I was skeptical would be a huge understatement!

But one day, I put alllll my fear, skepticism, & apprehension aside and grabbed my starter kit. I was worried if these oils would work for us, if they were worth the investment, & if we’d actually use them…

we will never look back!

a wellness journey

one step at a time...

⁣What started as a way to make our home smell good & ditch candles, turned into the most magical wellness journey. Sleep support, hormone support, emotional support, ditching toxins, safe cleaning products, living more intentionally… literally one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life!

I could never have imagined how much these oils would impact our every day life. They’ve made our home safer,  our bodies & emotions well

We could have never imagined how much these oils would impact our every day life. A safer home, supported bodies & emotions, and the coziest vibes diffusing at all times!

for the dreamers

There’s no class in school that teaches you how to chase your dreams. There’s no road map for your journey to success. Whatever dream keeps you up at night, the passion pulling at your heart, the life you want for yourself + family.. let’s chase it together!
These oils + this business has changed our lives.. The dreams in my heart are bigger, my vision for the future is better, our dream life will happen.. and yours can too!

our community

Our community is filled with dreamers, mamas, wellness seekers, + the most inspiring humans. We walk together on this journey, share resources & education, recipes and testimonies. You will never feel alone! We have business mentorships if your heart feels called to explore more.

sharing My heart

I am so thankful that you’re here & cherish this community so much. I believe that everything happens for a reason – and our paths crossed for a bigger purpose! 

I would love to get to know you & walk on this journey together! xo, Brooklyn