Why Young Living

why young living?

seed to seal

Saying yes to these beautiful tools is such a special + magical decision for your family & your home. You will quickly realize the power essential oils & ditching toxins in your home can effect your overall health + wellbeing. Your fears will be replaced with confidence knowing you are filling your home with the safest products for you and your family. It was one of the very best decisions we’ve ever made for our family. 

Before getting our starter kit from young Living, we were skeptical, apprehensive, & worried these oils wouldn’t work for us. We weren’t sure if they were worth the investment. And we didn’t know if they actually worked…

we will never go back to our life before oils.

This beautiful decision is so much more than you can ever imagine. It’s your first step to wellness + intentional living.

Like so many people who first try essential oils, I had very little knowledge and completed zero research regarding essential oils, their chemical makeup, or the distilling process. I eventually found out that a majority of essential oils on the market are only suitable for cosmetics and perfumes – not therapeutic use. This is largely due to the fact essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, and a majority of the oils on the market are diluted (without us even knowing it). This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to buy your essential oils from a company built on integrity and distilling quality. And this is exactly why I choose Young Living.

Young Living’s 22-year devotion to creating a highly therapeutic product means they’ve invested in their own farms, care for and nurture their own plants, trees, & shrubs, and finally distill, test, and bottle these oils that arrive at your doorstep. No other essential oil company owns farms or distilleries. None!

A little excerpt from Young Living's website:

Our Seed to Seal® program is our quality standard. The three pillars of this meticulous approach—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—allow us to deliver pure, authentic essential oils and essential oil-infused products that you and your family can use with full peace of mind.

We choose to use Young Living in our home because we trust it is the best on the market & we know you will find the same to be true in your home.

We are choosing to be more intentional with the products we use in our home – from cleaning, to laundry, and skincare. We ditched the toxins & fragrances for clean, non-toxic products from Young Living and could not feel better or more empowered to choose the best + safest products for our family & home! 

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I am so passionate about getting these non-toxic products &  life changing tools in every home. If your heart is calling you to learn more – send me a message or email! I would love to chat  & walk beside each other on this journey!

xo, Brooklyn