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My own wellness journey began over 4 years ago when I realized how many harmful ingredients we were using in our everyday household products. From laundry detergent to face wash, dish soap to perfume, even our trusty pumpkin spice candles – I was shocked at the toxins lurking in our home. My husband, Sean, and I had started trying for our first baby (more on that another day – infertility really sucks) and I wanted our home to be a safe haven for hormones, fertility, pregnancy, & our future kiddos. Step by step, I started replacing the toxic products in our home for more natural alternatives.


This is where Young Living comes in! No more researching ingredients endlessly or wondering if there was hidden fragrance in the products I was buying. From the purest essential oils to supplements our body can actual digest & use, to natural cleaning products that work and beauty essentials we can’t live without.. Young Living has become our easy button for so many things in our home & a huge part of our wellness journey.

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Snag some of my favs & products we can’t live without! Ditch the toxic candles, get better sleep, glowing skin, support your immune system.. you’re entering your wellness girl era!

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I know there’s a lot of information out there & tons of products to pick from – but that’s what I’m here for! I’m your gal for all things wellness & would love to get in touch to figure out what products will work best for you, your home, & your budget. Create your free account with me & then I’ll be in touch soon via email to see how I can help!

the best diffuser ever.

If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous essential oil diffuser, look no further! The Aria Diffuser from Young Living is hands down my favorite diffuser I’ve ever used (have had mine for over 5 years and tried countless other diffusers from Young Living, Amazon, & local stores).  

Oily Moon Essentials | Why Young Living

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When I got my starter bundle home over 4 years ago, I literally fell in love with my oils (hiiii valor & stress away) and couldn’t stop talking about them with all of my close friends & family. I wanted to help my mom ditch her toxic laundry soap & dryer sheets and switch to Thieves. I knew my sister would love the cozy oils I was diffusing & they would be so much better for her than the candles we both always used. My cousin needed a deep relief roller for back pain. The list went on and on..

The coolest part about Young Living, is everyone get’s their own referral link after they make their first purchase – you can send this out to anyone interested in ordering & earn a commission when they do! You can share casually, while earning a paycheck & getting your products paid for, or get more serious and build a business that can create a sustainable income for your family while working from your phone. 

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and my passion is helping other women find not only a creative outlet (that gives them a purpose & passion outside of a 9-5 or taking care of littles), but a stream of income for their family. Your time is truly your biggest asset – let’s find a way to build a sustainable income for your family while working from your phone & have fun while doing it!

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If you’re a Brand Partner looking for resources to grow your Young Living business – check out The Oily Moon Collective! It’s a monthly subscription of curated business resources that will help you reclaim your time and inspire you to show up confidently while growing a successful essential oil business. You’ll gain access to a growing library of content, graphics, and business strategies that will empower you to run your business sustainably.