The Premium Starter Bundle

the starter bundle  is the absolute BEST way to get started using essential oils in your home! it comes with 12 of my favorite, most used oils for sleep, skin, body woes, diffusing, and so much more! you’ll have the perfect oily toolbox for your home!

lets break down what oils come in the starter bundle:

  • lavender: the swiss army knife of oils, amazing for sleep, stress & skin. one that goes in the diffuser every night!
  • frankincense: glowy skin? yes please! add frankincense into your skin care routine for the ultimate skin support. frankincense is also amazing for immune support & focus
  • panaway: apply with carrier oil right onto sore muscles, make a head tension roller or add into your bath with epsom salts
  • lemon: diffuse to cleanse the air. use to remove stickers & labels! amazing with lavender & peppermint for seasonal support
  • peace & calming: a sleepy time must have! smells sweet & floral. excellent for kiddos with big emotions
  • valor: probably my favorite oil ever!! it’s the best smelling oil and so so supportive for our emotions. it’s great applied to shoulders for stress
  • digize: digestion support in a bottle, make a roller or add 1-2 drops to a glass of water
  • citrus fresh: kicks any stench, super uplifting!
  • peppermint: apply to temples & neck for head tension, make peppermint brownies, diffuse with valor
  • stress away: smells like a tropical vacation in a bottle, relax your day away with this oil. so calming!
  • thieves: the ultimate immune support oil, make a wellness roller, diffuse in the fall & winter months
  • raven: amazing for stuffy noses, make a chest rub with coconut oil. diffuse at night for respiratory support

the extras

you also get some fun extras with your starter bundle!

  • thieves cleaner: this is what we use to clean our entire house, it is nontoxic, plant based and smells amazing without any of the harmful chemicals!
  • ningxia red: our favorite liquid supplement, it is full of antioxidants and has so many health benefits. I love drinking it for immune support and glowing skin!

upgrade to the aria diffuser

the dreamiest diffuser ever! covering over 430 square feet and puts out the most magical output ever.