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The Premium Starter Bundle

the starter bundle  is the absolute BEST way to get started using essential oils in your home! it comes with 12 of my favorite, most used oils for sleep, skin, body woes, diffusing, and so

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Why Young Living is Different

Did you know most oils on store shelves and online are filled with synthetic chemicals and fragrance, unethically sourced, and not therapetuic grade? Trust me, I didn’t know either because I was the girl that

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Essential Oils 101

What is an Essential Oil? An essential oil is the essence of a plant – it gives the plant its unique scent. When carefully extracted from trees, flowers, herbs, rinds of fruit and other parts

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Diffusers vs. Candles

why we ditched candles Who else loves a cozy, candle flicker after a long day!? I used to be a candle lover through & through — literally couldn’t escape the aisles of tj maxx without

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Supplement Routine

As most of you already know, I’m super passionate about nontoxic living, wellness, and supporting our bodies the best ways we can! I went from being the girl who only took a packet of Emergen-C

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