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my business journey

When I got my starter bundle home over 4 years ago, I literally fell in love with my oils (hiiii valor & stress away) and couldn’t stop talking about them with all of my close friends & family. I shared my referral link with my mom & sister, who each snagged a starter bundle of their own – and made my first paycheck!


I realized very quickly after, that I could continue sharing about the oils & products that were changing our life (I was finally sleeping through the night thanks to lavender) all while earning a paycheck that more than covered my monthly loyalty order!


We now have a community of nearly 600 customers & families who have said yes to choosing better products for their home. And in addition, I get to work alongside people just like you who are ready to make an impact in their communities, while earning a paycheck from their phone & being their own boss!

Starting a Young Living business has been one of the best I’ve ever made, and now I’m here to help YOU build the essential oil business of your dreams too! 

10 reasons to be here:

1. $1 startup cost

2. You carry zero inventory

3. Consumable products & lifestyle focus

4. Self paced & no quotas. You are your own boss!

5. Simple systems for sharing: referral links & discount codes

6. Opportunity to earn bonuses, retreats, trips, & free products

7. Mentorship & resources at your fingertips

8. Residual commission compensation plan

9. No income cap

10. An amazing community

how we share

This business is simple: share the products you love and help others get started with Young Living! You’ll have your own referral link that you can send to a friend that is ready to place an order. You’ll earn a commission every single time someone uses your link to purchase!


We carry no inventory. There are no quotas. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a “hey girl” cold messaging business. This is you sharing your heart & your passion for essential oils and natural products – and helping other people get started too!

“when you stand & share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you & your story will heal somebody else.”

launch your business

business mentorship

I’m here to help you build the essential oil business of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to simply cover your monthly orders, make an extra $300-$500 dollars a month, diversify your income streams, or build a legacy business for your family, there is room for you to flourish here!


We have a thriving business mentorship ready for you to jump right in at your own pace, weekly zoom mentorships calls, a group chat, & so much more!

our thriving resources:

our community.

Our Young Living community is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Four years ago (before starting my essential oil biz) if you would have asked me if I was craving community or looking to find new friends – my answer would have been a big heck no! #homebody

But what I didn’t know then was how much I was truly missing out on & how much this community would bless our lives.. I’ve met some of my dearest friends through YL.. real, genuine, kind, & inspiring humans. We all have different stories, different ways of building our businesses, different goals.. but we share a common ground of wellness.

there's room for you here!

why should I start a yl business?

Do you want a job that you can work whenever and wherever you want? Work from your phone? Work while the kiddos are napping? Not be at a desk job from 9-5 and instead be able to be home or the car or wherever your day takes you? THIS IS IT!

I want the ability to work how & when I want, and not be on someone else’s time. Young Living allows me to do exactly that – all while still working a full-time day job and juggling all of life’s happenings.

I wake up every single day excited to show up on socials (or in person) and help others get started with Young Living! This business has provided a creative outlet that I never had before.

I’ve been able to create an identity for myself outside of the hustle and bustle of 9-5 work.. and so many others say the same! Stay at home mama’s who need an outlet, full time working women that need a side hustle full of passion & creativity. The opportunities here are endless.

Take a look at our income disclosure. What rank would change your life? Allow you to quit your corporate job? Or stay home with your kiddos? Give back to your community? YOU get to decide how far you go in this business. And I promise you, if you dream big and work hard, you can do anything!


Never in my life have I been surrounded by more amazing, inspiring, and kind humans. We lift one another up, share our hearts, inspire each other to chase our dreams, educate, and help one another build our businesses. I have weekly Zoom calls with friends from all over the world – sharing our passion for the business & love for these oils. And as your business grows, you will start to build a team of people under you – which is also an amazing gift. Lifelong friends + oily lovers.

Sharing your journey & these life changing wellness tools with your family, friends, and followers from all over the world is such a blessing. There is truly nothing more special than being able to educate and empower others to live a safer, healthier life.

One thing I didn’t realize going into this business is that Young Living has a huge heart for their customers, brand partners, and this world. Sustainability, humanitarian projects, the Young Living Foundation which supports various programs around the world – this year their focus is education, developing enterprise, and ending exploitation of the world’s youth. Learn more here!

They also constantly give back to their brand partners with amazing programs & bonuses, as well as retreats for hitting leadership positions in the company. I earned an all-expenses paid trip to Mona, Utah to visit the Lavender fields after hitting the rank of Silver and is truly changed my life forever! Ahh, this company is everything!