We spend a lot of time in our home – and making it a happy, cozy, calm place is super important to me! A huge part of that is filling our diffusers with cozy, happy essential oils! Not only do they smell so good, but our bodies also receive the benefits of the essential oils: calming, uplifting, focus, wellness support, and so much more!

We ditched candles + artificial fragrances just over two years ago and haven’t looked back since. No more headaches or hormone disruption – just take a peek at the havoc chemicals and phthalates can create in your body! And instead, we use pure essential oils + diffusers to fill our home with the best, coziest smells!

Cozy Diffuser Blends

Simply add equal drops of the essential oils below to your diffuser + prepare for cozy vibes! For large rooms + spaces, I usually do 8-12 drops total. For smaller spaces, 3-6 drops total is usually sufficient.

  • Cozy Morning: northern lights black spruce + vanilla + grapefruit
  • Rainy Spring Day: lavender + lushious lemon
  • Cozy Farmhouse: stress away + thieves + christmas spirit + northern lights black spruce
  • Sweater Weather: lavender + northern lights black spruce + vanilla