Biz Tip Tuesday: Personal Growth

today we’re chatting personal growth! one of the biggest things we can do for our businesses is to 1) understand ourselves and 2) push to reach our highest potential.

we can grow as leaders, friends, partners and humans! if you’re feeling “stuck” in your business, sometimes it might be best to get out of your own head – instead of spending time overthinking about feeling stuck, let’s shift our time to things we can control!

personal growth can look differently for everyone: it might be spending more time in nature or working on your relationship with a family member. it may be picking up a new book or listening in to a mindset podcast. the goal is to find things that not only help you reflect on where you are TODAY, but also where you want to be TOMORROW.

our businesses often reflect our lives. if you have a lotttt of stress happening in your personal life – that can creep into your biz and lead to overwhelm, anxious feelings, uninspired times, or disconnect! if you just got home from vacation and are feeling super inspired and rested, you’re probably going to show up better for your business – right??

you can’t expect yourself or your business to change overnight, but we can start small. real change happens over time with little steps in the right direction. I challenge you to take some time to reflect on what that small step might be and schedule that in for yourself this week!

here are some of my favorite podcasts:

comment below your favorite book, podcast, activity or personal development related insight!!