Brand Partner Year-End Checklist

Happy end of December, friend! It’s hard to believe the New Year is only a few days away! But I am truly SO excited for 2022, and I hope you’ll take some time with me today to take a look back at the past year, celebrate your wins, + get a vision and plan for the new year ahead for yourself + your Young Living Business!

End of the Year Checklist

1. Take a look back at 2021.

What goals did you have for yourself this year? Did you accomplish them? If not, that’s ok!! What progress did you make this year TOWARDS your goals? Celebrate your wins, however big or small they may be!

Also take time to review your young living business! What months saw the most growth for you and/or your team? What were your biggest paycheck months? Are there any patterns to how you showed up in a given month and what your biz (and paycheck) looked like during that time?

2. Make a list of your 2022 goals!

Make goals for both your business and personal life.

For business: What rank do you want to hit? How many people do you want to enroll per month? How many classes do you want to host a month? How often do you want to post every week? etc! If you are looking for more business resources, mentorship, curated content & graphics – I would love for you to check out my monthly subscription group called the Oily Moon Collective! This group is open to any and all YL Brand Partners looking for resources – it doesn’t matter what team you’re on or who your upline is! simply click here to snag your membership + get plugged into our exclusive FB group!

For personal: How do you want to show up for yourself in 2022? I love choosing one word to focus on personally throughout the year. For example, this could be abundance, courage, strength, passion, freedom, etc. Find a word that hits home for you & something you want to focus on personally throughout 2022.

The more clear and precise your goals are, the more likely you are to actually MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

3. Review your social media insights.

I know lots of us tend to avoid data – but it is SO vital!! Take a look back at your best performing posts over the last 12 months via your IG (or other social media) insights. Which posts, videos, reels, etc. performed really well? How can you bring that energy, knowledge, & strategy into 2022?

4. Clean up your profile!

Now is the perfect time for a little clean up of yoru social media account(s). Clean up your story highlights, bio, and grid! Get rid of anything that is outdated or no longer applies & just clean things up! Add an updated profile picture or update your bio if needed!

Here’s to 2022, friend!!