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here’s the scoop…

I’m obsessed with essential oils + our natural products from young living, and I know you will be too! 

young living is our easy button for so many things in our home – from cleaning products to laundry soap, face wash to hair products, sleep support to morning supplements.. the list goes on + on. everything is plant based, nontoxic, and actually works.

ready to get started?

when you’re ready to place your first order, you can pick from the premium starter bundle, one of my custom bundles, or simply pick the products you want to buy!

make sure you see my young living referral number when you place your order!


unlock your 24% off discount

you can head to young living and simply shop the products you want at full price – but let’s unlock your 24% off discount instead!

you have two ways of unlocking your 24% off discount:

option 1: add 100 pv to your cart

simply shop around and add item(s) to your cart totaling at least 100 pv (product volume) & checkout! you’ll unlock your 24% off discount for an entire year and can order whenever you want by logging into your account.

the everyday oils bundle

my favorite way for you to get started if you’re interested in essential oils + diffusing is to snag the premium starter bundle! 

it comes with 12 of our most used oils, a desert mist diffuser, plus some extra goodies that are all worth over $400, but bundled together for only $165

this is how I got started, and it’s truly the best way to bring oils + nontoxic products into your home! you’ll unlock your 24% off discount for an entire year with this bundle!

option 2: add an item to subscription

simply shop around + choose at least one item to add to your subscription order. search and choose the item you want and click “subscribe.” at checkout, choose how often you want it delivered (every one, two, or three months). 

you can go back and change, delete, or add products as many times as you want before your next order date – don’t worry! you’ll maintain your 24% discount as long as you have an active subscription order set to process within the next 3 months!

shop custom bundles

what’s next?

after you place your order,  you’ll get a welcome email from me with tons of info + resources, plus get invited to our private fb education groups and gain access to incredible oily resources! it’s a place to grow closer to the best oily community & learn everything you need to know about our amazing products!

within a few days, I’ll send you a text message so you have my number and can contact me at any time! I have fun, informative text classes we can dive into together too!

if you would like access to our business fb groups, just let me know! there are zero requirements or pressure to sell or start your own essential oil business, but if it’s something you would like to learn more about, the opportunity to become a young living brand partner is always here!

 your welcome goodies from me will be delivered soon + I am just so grateful to be on this journey together! always here for you! xo, Brooklyn

want to learn more about essential oils and how I use them on a daily basis!? check out my essential oils 101 video:

check out the oily moon essentials blog! your place for nontoxic living & wellness education, diy & recipes, and so much more1

have questions or want to chat?

message brooklyn

sharing with others

as a brand partner with young living, you can send your referral link to anyone that wants to grab their oils or nontoxic products — you don’t have to be a “crazy oil lady” or “doing the business” to help your friends, family, or co-workers get oils + plant based products into their home.

whether it’s sharing with a few friends every couple months, a desire to get your oils paid for, or to create & build a business.. there is no pressure or commitments, no quotas or inventory. just you sharing your heart about these oils + products you love!

if you have a tug in your heart to share + help others along their way and build an oily biz, let’s chat!