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entering your wellness girl era.

intentional living.

Our home is one of my favorite places to be. We may not be able to control everything going on around us in the world, but we do have the choice to be empowered & intentional in our own homes.

Look around you now.. how many products do you use throughout your day? From supplements to skincare, candles, perfume, laundry detergent, and countless products in between.. I want to help you find safe & natural products that support your body, instead of toxic, fragrance-filled products that wreak havoc on your health, hormones, & immune system.

my story.

I had used essential oils from the grocery store & Amazon for years with zero “ah ha” or “life changing” moments. But one day, I stumbled upon a friend’s Instagram and started learning about Young Living. For literally months I did research, read posts, & listened to other women’s stories about these oils changing their life. To say I was skeptical would’ve been the biggest understatement!

But one day, about 5 years ago, I put alllll my fear, skepticism, & apprehension aside and grabbed my Young Living starter bundle. I was worried if these oils would work for us, if they were worth the investment, & if we’d actually use them…

We will never look back & it's been one of the best decisions we've ever made!


okay brooklyn, HOW DO I GET STARTED?

You absolutely need to snag the Premium Starter Bundle! This is your first step to ditching toxins in your home & switching to plant-based, natural products that work! This bundle comes with 12 of our most used, everyday essential oils, the desert mist diffuser, plus some extra goodies that are all worth well over $400, but bundled together for only $165!

You can also choose to upgrade to the Aria Starter Bundle (theeee most magical diffuser of all time) for an extra $115. If that’s not in your budget now, no worries! You can always snag another bundle later. 

my story.

This is the same way I got s started with years ago and truly the best way to bring therapeutic essential oils into your home for everyday support: sleep, skincare, hormones, digestion, emotions & overwhelm, ditching candles, getting more antioxidants, natural cleaning products, and so much more!

a peek into the starter bundle:

more than just oils.

I’m so passionate about essentials oils, ditching toxins, and feeling empowered within the walls of your home. Yes, I love the products I share day after day. But you’ll find more than just products. We are a community of like-minded women seeking to be more intentional in our homes, together.

Whether you're starting your own wellness journey, are wanting to live life more intentionally, or just really love the aria diffuser... there's something here for everyone!

As you work to find the products & routines that work best for YOU and your family, you’ll find a safe space here full of like-minded women, support, education, and resources to empower you to be more intentional in your home.

Make sure you see my young living referral numbers when you create your account + place your first order! This ensures you get welcome goodies from me in the mail, along with getting added to my close friends stories on the gram & access to our exclusive team education groups!

Young Living is our easy button for so many things in our home – from household cleaner to laundry soap, face wash to hand soap, sleep support to perfume, morning supplements.. the list goes on + on. Everything is plant based, nontoxic, and has absolutely changed our life!

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you placed your order, now what?

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 your welcome goodies from me will be delivered soon + I am just so grateful to be on this journey together! always here for you! xo, Brooklyn

your questions, answered.

Have specific questions about placing your first order? Wondering what products to snag first? Are you looking for support in a specific area in your life/health? Send me a message & I’ll be in touch via email shortly!

sharing with others

You’re going to fall in love with your oils & natural products when you get your first order home! And when you do, you’ll probably be just like me and call up your mom, sister, cousing, and bff and tell them how amazing valor or thieves cleaner is!

The best part? You can send them your referral link to snag their own bundle or custom order directly from Young Living (nope, you never carry inventory). And when they make their first purchase with your link, you’ll earn 50% commission on their order (plus more after that)!

Whether it’s sharing with a few friends every couple months, a desire to get your order paid for, or to create & build a legacy business.. there is no pressure or commitments, no quotas or inventory. Just you sharing your heart about the essential oils & products you love and helping others get started!

If you have a tug in your heart to share and help others on their own wellness journey, let’s chat!