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Vista print

A great resource for printing postcards for your welcome package or happy mail! Our team Dropbox has tons of graphics for you to use, including these 7×5 starter kit cards! I include these with every welcome kit I send out, as well as happy mail to prospective members!

print your own cards!
  1. Head to the link above or and click “postcards.”
  2. Choose your orientation – I typically use horizontal.
  3. Choose your size. I like 4×6 or 5×7
  4. Choose your paper. I typically use standard.
  5. Choose your paper finish. I always choose matte so I can write on the card if needed.
  6. Choose your quantity.
  7. Start creating! If you are using one of my card designs, just click “Upload Design” and upload the images. 
  8. Review & complete your order! Make sure to check for coupon codes before purchasing!!

new member Welcome package

I think a really special part of getting your starter kit is getting a welcome package from your enroller! This is COMPLETELY optional, but something I always recommend!

I personally sent a welcome kit to every new member. You can use the same welcome package from month to month, or add special incentives if you want. 

I purchased this printable card set from Etsy for like $13 bucks and printed a bunch of copies to send with every kit! It explains ER, FAQs, diffuser & roller blends, as well as a welcome card for members to put their member # and pin!

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