Seasons Changing

Does any of the below sound familiar?

+ Do you have trouble breathing when the seasons change?

+ Are you constantly battling stuffy sinuses?

+ Do you suffer from watery eyes and/or constant sneezing?

+ Do you feel constantly congested?



pollen roller

If you deal with any of the above (seasonal sniffles, watery eyes, sneezing, + congestion).. this is a roller you need in your toolkit! All you need to make your own pollen roller is: lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils. We only trust Young Living essential oils – click here to learn why.

Why those 3 oils, you ask? Lavender acts like a natural antihistamine, peppermint helps clear everything out of your sinuses, and lemon detoxifies and dries up ick!

Extra support

Not only is the pollen roller and amazing way to support your body as the seasons change, but you can also diffuse lavender, lemon, + peppermint for additional support! 


Simply add a couple drops of each oil (or more as you wish) to your diffuser!

bundle + save

If you want to snag all the best seasonal support oils (plus so many more for everyday wellness) plus a diffuser, snag the desert mist premium starter bundle! Learn more about that bundle here.